Important Tips of How to Transfer a Domain Name From One Registrar Company to Another

Q : How to transfer my Domain

How do you transfer a domain name from one registrar company to a different? This is the question that is bothering numerous online entrepreneurs. I have also heard many people asking when they can transfer their expired domains before renewing all of them. The answer is a big No.

Here is how you can transfer a domain from one registrar company to a different:

First apply for transfer permit to the company you want to transfer it to. It is your obligation to provide your new company contacts of your previous registrar organization. These contacts were supplied to you during enrollment.

Your new domain name company will use these contacts to make contact with the administrator of your previous domain company. Ensure that you give the correct information regarding these contacts otherwise the transfer may not take place.

Note that companies won't permit the transfer of any expired domain titles. If it is already expired, you need to renew it before you decide to transfer it. The transfer of your domain won't affect your website relevant email or either the DNS which are a symbol of domain name system.

The registrar company you intend to transfer your name to may have a form on their website labeled 'transfer domain' that you will have to select in order to action a successful move.

Your new domain registrar will then contact your own old registrar through email. This is to inform it to transfer your domain for them. If the administrator accepts the transfer, then your website name is successfully transferred.

It will take some days for this to be completely transferred. The period differs in one company to another. Some registrars will take few days and some will take a longer time. So, don't panic if you don't see instant results.

If the administrator of your previous registrar company doesn't grant permission of transfer within the stipulated time period, then know that the transfer has been declined.

Your registrar will deny you the transfer of the domain under the following reasons: an order through court, if there are outstanding balances you haven't cleared, express written objection of transfer by a good interested party, if it was engaged in any fraud manner and if it doesn't qualify any transfer requirements.

Domain Name Transfer Skills:

1. You should have an authorization code out of your registrar company.

2. It should be valid not really expired.

3. Make sure it's unlocked.

4. It ought to be at least 60 days old with your present registrar before transferring it.

5. It should not really be under disputes, court case or illegal idol judges.

6. Contacts of your registrar Company.

You is going to be charged a fee for transferring it. The quantity of fees charged is not uniform. It differs in one company to another.

When you have transferred your website name, the new registrar company will be responsible with regard to maintaining it. It will keep all your registration records as well as be responsible in managing your renewals.