How to Transfer Domain Name Ownership to Another Person

  • Very first you need to carefully sit your margarita straight down. Be careful not to slosh it on your laptop or get any sand down within the keyboard. This will only take a couple of minutes and you can return to living large. The next matter you need to is login your godaddy. com account to be able to manage your domains.
  • After you tend to be logged in, hover your mouse on the "domains" part of the menu. After that select "My Domains" from the drop down menus. This will take you to the domain name manager where you can view all the domains that you have signed up. Chances are if you have made a lot of money on the internet you will see a number of domains listed that are generating you some fine passive income. Carefully select the website name that you need to transfer  (how to transfer my domain)  by simply clicking the box to the left from the domain name.
  • Since a domain name is selected the manage menu will become available. Select "Account Change" from the menu. A brand new menu will appear where you must your new registrant's customer number or sign in. You must also enter the brand new registrant's email address. Once complete click on the next button to keep.

  • The next menu will certainly ask you to confirm details about the business you are transferring your domain in order to (how to transfer my domain). You will need to fill in information on the organization's name, first and last-name of your contact, the new carrier's address and their telephone number.
  • After this information is actually entered you will be shown a listing of the godaddy. com services which will be canceled when the domain is moved. Please review that list carefully since it cannot be reversed once the transaction is actually completed.
  • Next you will discover the "Domain Name Modify Registrant Agreement". Read through this document as well as confirm that you have read and consent to the details listed. Then make sure you do want to transfer the domain name and click "Finish".
  • Godaddy will likely then send a transaction ID and a protection code to the new registrant of your aged domain name. They will have about ten days to act on the transfer  (how to transfer my domain)  prior to the ID and security code expires.