How to Transfer a Domain Name

If you're a new website flipper, then you may wish to know how to transfer a domain name after you sell the web site. As a newbie, you may have heard you need to wait for a 60-day period after you register a new domain before you transfer it. Question is, how are you going to sell the website if it's less than 60 days old?

It is true there's a 60-day period from the time you register a new domain before you even think of transferring it, but that is only true with regards to a transfer from registrar to another. Before you receive frustrated, here is an example.

Let's say you want to transfer a domain from the registrar, NameCheap in order to GoDaddy. So, yes in this instance, you would need to wait 60 days, but there is a method to do it. It is quick, easy and free of charge. It is known as "pushing a domain".

Pressing a Domain

It is also known as "push" or even "domain push". When doing this process, you are moving the domain in one person to another within the same registrar. Therefore, you can "push" a domain within NameCheap towards the buyer who has an account with NameCheap. This process can be achieved anytime, and it is quick. It is usually free for many registrars. By doing this, your buyer will have quick ownership from the domain. If you transfer a domain from one registrar to a different one, it is a complicated process, can take a few days to complete, and you will be charged.

Steps to Transfer a Website name

For the uninitiated, transferring a domain name could be frustrating because it could take up to seven days to complete, and entails a few more steps than the usual "push". Here are the steps on how to complete it.

1. The domain needs to be unlocked through the current owner.
2. The owner needs to have the authorization code.
3. The buyer then has in order to initiate the transfer.

Don't worry, though. In common, a website flipper will probably just push domain names. If you sell to a buyer who does not have an account with the same registrar as the actual domain, ask them to open one. They probably will not object as the process is free and simple. And as a website flipper, it is business-smart to have accounts with the big registrars so in the future when you need to do have to transfer a domain name it will likely be hassle free!